Specialized for truck, coach, bus, taxi etc, support four channel video and audio recording, Industrial grade power protection and Seismic technology design, good heat and super stable performance.

Connection Diagram

◆Support 8-36V wide voltage design, suitable for various vehicles
◆Four channel video&audio recording, Max support 128GB SD card and 2TB hard disk
◆Support to overlay some vehicle informations, such as the stops information, speed, brake signal, and door open or closed signal;
◆Support RS232 and RS485 input, could be connected to PTZ camera, oil sensor, alarm equipment, statistics equipment etc.
◆Support 3G transmission, 4G transmission, GPS function.
◆Support loop recording, and can booting by ACC / timer / alarming / motion detection
◆Special file management mechanism, data encryption, data security protection
◆The great shock absorption patented design, solve “hard disk life short” problem in vehicle industry

Detailed Drawing

Project parameter Performance


Operating language Chinese/English/ Russian


GUI, support mouse
  Safety management User password, Admin password in two layer management system




Input 4 channel composite video input
  Output 1 channel composite video output
  Display Single picture,4 pictures; alarm screen automatic switch
  Video standard PAL(625 lines,50 scenes/sec);NTSC(525lines,60 scenes/sec)
  Compression H.264(Main Profile)
  resolution 4*D1, 2D1+2CIF(25fps)
  Recording type Manual,Schedule,Alarm,Circle recording
  Video bitrate 64Kbps~1.5Mbps
Storage Max Support 128GB SD card and 2TB HDD
Alarm input 4 alarm inputs, 4V or less is low alarm, above 4V is high alarm
PC playback software Playback the recording files on PC, and analyze all informations that overlayed in the file
Update method USB interface; SD card; wireless
Power input +12V@2A;
Work temperature -40 — 85°C
Power output +12V@2A; +5V@2A
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