360 degree panoramic car DVR using four cameras install around the vehicle and have a full range of video surveillance, for scratches and collisions play a role in forensics, moreover the panoramic viewing also can make parking easy.

Connection Diagram

◆Four channel video recording and one channel audio recording, the data could synchronization store in the SD card, Max support 128GB SD card and 2TB hard disk.
◆Support to overlay some vehicle informations, such as the stops information, speed, brake signal, and door open or closed signal;
◆It can connect to the navigation or other display devices to real-time viewing
◆Normal it display four pictures, when reversing, turning around could automatically switch the corresponding single picture
◆Support 3G transmission, 4G transmission, GPS
◆Support loop recording, and can booting by ACC / timer / alarming / motion detection
◆Special file management mechanism, data encryption, data security protection
◆The cameras very compact concealment, convenient installation in various vehicles

Detailed Drawing

Project parameter Performance


Operating language Chinese/English/ Russian


GUI, support mouse
Safety management User password, Admin password in two layer management system




Input 4 channel composite video input
Output 1 channel composite video output
Display Single picture,4 pictures; alarm screen automatic switch
Video standard PAL(625 lines,50 scenes/sec);NTSC(525lines,60 scenes/sec)
Compression H.264(Main Profile)
resolution 4*D1, 2D1+2CIF(25fps)
Recording type Manual,Schedule,Alarm,Circle recording
Video bitrate 64Kbps~1.5Mbps
Storage Max support 128GB SD card and 2TB hard disk.
Playback Playback by files; 4 channels playback
PC playback software Playback the recording files on PC, and analyze all informations that overlayed in the file
Update method USB interface; SD card; wireless
Power input +12V@2A; +5V@2A
Work temperature -40 — 85°C
Power output +12V@2A; +5V@2A
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